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gamblerdjremixsong #mohitsharma.

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Enjoy this Rare video from CC Catch

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1969 news report on a gambling bust involving Sam “The Plumber” DeCavalcante.

Notice the DA’s mention of corruption from “top to bottom” and praising of Richard Nixon.

For educational purposes only. All rights revert to the original copyright holder.

#samdecavalcante #decavalcantefamily #organizedcrime

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Time Taken : 2 days
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I hope you all like this !

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XQC winning big in GTA NoPixel RP! Your best GTA Online Moments f the Day with Twitch Chat! 💚 In todays Episode of GTA 5 Funny Moments and NoPixel Highlights GTA RP Moments we have roflgator, xqc, pokelawls, dasmehdi, sodapoppin and many more incl chang gang

In todays episode #19 of GTA RP HIGHLIGHTS and gta funny moments are:

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Will work on an intro in a bit and a channel banner. Drop me a comment if you can draw in Illustrator 🙂

📣 PSA: If you are in one of my GTA Moments or GTA Funny Moments videos and want the content to be removed, dont want to be included anymore in the future or the ad revenue from it please contact me – you can find the email in my about page on my channel. give thanks you ❗

#nopixel #gtaonline #thedailypleb

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#shorts #playstation5 #ps5 #games #money

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0:02:08 – Academics should pursue truth, not advocacy.
0:19:13 – Are people beginning to reject woke ideology?
0:26:44 – Is the US declining?
0:38:00 – What everyday Worldwides can do to improve things.
0:48:09 – Australia’s gambling industry.
1:03:37 – Shortcomings of Health promotion activists.

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